Discover your Spiritual Gift(s)

In 1 Peter 4:10, we are told that God has given each of us special gifts and calls us to use them to serve one another. To find out what God has given you, I would like to invite you to take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment. When you take this assessment online, your results will go into our system so that we can help you make the connection between your gifts and areas of service in our ministry. 

Once you complete the assessment, you will also receive your results. Plus, to help you understand your gifts and how to use them—when you finish the assessment, you can download a profile sheet for each of your gifts on the website.

Volunteer Application (18 and older)

Youth Ministry needs the most loving, talented, Jesus passionate leaders to disciple our students.  This is why we just don't accept every person to join the ranks of the youth leadership team. At Forest Lake Church, we want to ensure children experience Jesus and parents have peace of mind that the adults who help out are fully devoted Christ followers (NOT PERFECT) and that the kids are safe. We require all our assigned Youth leaders to complete a level-2 FBI background check, in addition to a training and background process called Verified Volunteer. There is 3 steps that need to happen before you become the worlds greatest youth leader.

  1. Fill out THIS application to help us understand your passion for student ministry, and it allows us to make sure this is the right ministry that God is calling you to be a part of. Email it to Mark Reams.
  3. Go through the online training that Verified Volunteer provides.