Information for People Going

Welcome to the top secret page of the mission trip. This is where you will see upcoming details of the trip, links to access trip info. and the fundraising packet.

(Click Here) Register on "" for itinerary of trip. Download app on Smartphone as well.
(Click Here) Surfboard Rental (Close to where we are staying)

(Click Here) Surfboard Rental Option 2 (25 minutes away)


If you want church Letterhead to print out the letters and church envelopes please let Ben know how many you need. 

1. (Click Here) Fundraising Instructions. Read this first.

2. (Click Here) Letter 1

3. (Click Here) Letter 2

4. (Click Here) Mission Trip Fact Sheet

5. (Click Here) Mission Trip Sponsors Sheet

FUNDRAISING ALTERNATE OPTION: is another convenient way to raise money for mission trip.  Simply create an account, provide a description of what you are raising money for, and share a link to your page with your family and friends via email, Facebook, etc.

HERE is a link to a page explaining in detail how it works.

BE AWARE: Between Credit card and Go Fund Me charges, you will loose about 8 percent per donation recieved.