Emotional Pain During The COVID-19 Crisis

With COVID-19, the quarantine, and the economic turmoil, our intake of information has increased, and with it, comes the news of pain around the world. It can be a simple scroll through social media, and within five minutes, you learn an acquaintance lost his parents to COVID-19, a business closed, and a friend is unemployed. Couple it with our experiences, and our souls hold an unusual amount of emotional hurt. But with one small step, you can handle emotional pain during the crisis where you thrive, not just survive. Read More...

Six Week Family Focus and Fun

The world has come to a pause due to COVID-19. Families in quarantine are spending more time together than ever before. Because of this unprecedented moment, we created a COVID-19 Care Package for families through the next six weeks. Are we hopefully optimistic the quarantine will lift, and the “curve will flatten” within the next six weeks? Absolutely. We hope this Care Package assists you as you lead. It is a privilege to stand with you during this time.

  1. Week One
  2. Week Two
  3. Week Three
  4. Week Four
  5. Week Five
  6. Week Six


You’ve probably seen hundreds of memes related to the Covid-19 virus that have recently flooded the internet and social media. What makes a meme work is that there is some… Read More